RAISIN IN THE SUN @ A Noise Within

“Saundra McClain, on debut with ANW, is Lena Younger, or “Mama,” as she is often referred to in the play. You “buy” everything this actress serves you. When she cried in frustration on account of her son’s shortcomings, my heart cried with her. She definitely embodies the woman “of a certain grace and beauty,” and “full of strength,” that the playwright envisioned.” Around Town Pasadena

“As the earth mother, McClain brings the cast together, just as her character does for the family. Her warm, moral presence can be felt even after she has left the stage. “ Theatermania

“Saundra McClain leads the cast as Lena, the Younger matriarch. There is a passionate decisiveness in McClain’s Lena that gathers her clan — even those feeling caged by it — into a close-knit unit for which she is the foundation. “ Pasadena Star News

“The production is anchored in two pitch-perfect performances. McClain as Mama struggles to hold the family together through internal conflicts and impending external disasters, her sense of humor and fundamental decency sometimes the only things keeping her afloat.” Arts Meme

“Saundra McCain is strong as matriarch Lena Younger, at once a towering relic and a lovable granny. ” Stage Raw

“Mama (Saundra McClain) is the life blood of the play, complementing Cain’s performance with her “mama know best attitude”. McClain’s delivery of Hanberry’s witticisms garner some of the biggest laughs of the evening, not just because what she says is funny, but more because we understand her character so clearly.”

“McClain commands the stage as Mama Lena even in silence and more so still when imparting words of down-home wisdom or fighting for her son’s redemption and her family’s survival.” StageSceneLA